Metal papers, metal pens.

Currently rocking out to "Robot High School" by "My Robot Friend". Quite arguably one of the best EBM bands I've stumbled across since I was introduced to "Doll Factory" by the ever awesome rock star Soames.

Observe the awesome!

"Despite how it may appear, the video was shot in a single take with no significant computer-generated effects added, just some minor post-production cleanup."


Visit for a free MP3 of the song and music video. Also do what I did and go to iTunes and slurp their discography like a little bitch.

Metal Heart, Metal hands!

UPDATE : I found a "My Robot Friend" "documentary" on youtube. I cannot stop thinking about Colourful Richard as I watch it even just from the lyrics and attitude. I have no idea why. ;)

Did he mention the making of love?
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Trip to the US Day 1 (ish)

M'kay. Made it to the US successfully. Was a long trip and I slept 15 hours straight in the hotel on my first night. Mainly due to lack of sleep on the 13 hour flight here. Alternated between being uncomfortable and having my eyes bleed from the noxious farts the guy in front of me kept letting go.

Spent a night in San Fran, went to fishermans wharf and ate Mexican (DELICIOUS!) then went round and looked at the touristy stuff. Nearly bought a certain friend of mine a harry potter snow globe but figured there should be better things to get.

The election finished just as we got here and Obama won (thank god). The USA today newspaper this morning gleefully announced on the front page "Americas black president, this is the only country in the world where this could happen".... I mean.. ermm I.. I just... I have no words.

I've pointed out New Zealands small town transexual Parliamentary Minister to a few locals and they look at me like my heads on fire. Moveing in.

This morning ate breakfast at a local diner.

In any other country this would be a theme diner. Here it was just one of many like this where we were.

Meals were huge and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to eat lunch after that.

Also huge is the Lincoln Navigator we rented which is an SUV with seats for 8... I'm pretty sure the distance from the back seat the the dashboard is longer then my actual car in AU.

Here is my friend Balmik by it for scale. But seriously the pics do it no justice.

I did the apple fan boy thing and went to the apple store in SF, to be quite honest it's no different to an AU mac store, it's simply roomier and with 1 staff member to every 2 people in the store. Sometimes is seems more.

I saw the Zeppelin they have just started doing tours with in San Fran... it's awesome.. I took a pic but it came out too small to be worth it.

The hanger for the thing is _huge_.

My hotel room in Santa Clara overlooks the Yahoo office (boo hiss) But what is absoloutely _epic_ is the fact that right behind said office is an old abandoned amusement park..

It has an old rusty roller coaster and big signs saying "keep out"

I _really_ want to grow my goatee back and grab Balmik and a dog and go snooping around there tonight after dark.

Surely the yahoo office must be haunted at night by the glowing ghost of some clown. I recon it's really Mr Withers who owns the park!

Trent from Punchy

I want to introduce all my NZ friends to Trent from Punchy.

Apparently this is a guy who is seen around town and has been made somewhat a celebrity by this video. Found at the train station as a meth addict sucking on NOS canisters.. brought back for an "interview" and now sound bites of him are played on the radio and there are many dance remixes.

This is what happens to you ladies and gentlemen when you take enough drugs to effectively burn out your higher cognitive functions.

Don't miss the follow up interview later.

I bet behavioural scientists would love to get a hold of this guy. Notice the anal oral fixation, the fixation with pleasure and the tendency to start masturbating when nervous or uncomfortable. This guy has managed to burn his brain back to just slightly above performing, talking monkey.

If schools were serious about discouraging kids from taking too many drugs they would simply show these vids and when the light come up point at the students and say "this could be YOU!"

Having said all that I've seen quite a few guys like this in AU who are simply higher functioning. In that they say similar things when drunk but manage to keep it to themselves when sober.

No worse than British skinheads I suppose.

Anyway.. now that you're all thoroughly depressed I leave you with "Trent from Punchy, the dance remix!"

"Hello Fellow Athiest, I also enjoy being evil"

So, this morning I received slightly more than the usual number of insane messages via my youtube profile. This leads me to believe that once again my video of my RFID tag insertion has made it onto a Christian forum.

Every time that happens I get a blast of messages alternatively quoting revelations at me or warning me how I am but a pawn of the new world order that will eventually control us all. Or perhaps a combo of both in some extreme cases.

However today I received a message that took on a completely new approach.

It appears that in an attempt to "earn my trust" in order to convert me (as many try) this one decided to approach me "As a fellow Atheist" with (what I can only assume) was the intention of slowly bringing me to the light once he was in my confidence.

However the message was so much a laughable example of how an innocent mid-western style Christian might imagine Atheists speak that I nearly spat coffee across my keyboard. I replied and then received a second message even more hilarious than the first.

It was basically the e-mail equivalent of an undercover cop sidling up to a drug dealer and saying "So... shall we take drugs and do crime? As we drug takers do? I enjoy taking drugs and doing crime"

So for your enjoyment the message I received this morning from a "Fellow Atheist" (hint, it helps your case if you spell Atheist correctly.)

MESSAGE 1 : "Not hate mail, I want the same as an Athiest"

Hi. I would like to get the chip implanted myself so that I am able to distinguish myself as an Athiest for the New World Order. I heard of volunteers for the government? Do you know anything about it? Well, anyway, I would like to sign up.

I know what you have is not the same, but if you do know how I can get a similar chip inserted, please contact me.

My email is

Thank you, if you can help.


I politely replied that "No I'm afraid I can't help you." and inquired what exactly he thinks it is that an Atheist wants.

I received...

"Lol. Actually, I was wanting the RFID chip in my hand. It represents myself as an Atheist,

Anyway, I'm assuming what you did was quite different. I would even take a step at guessing that you are an Atheist yourself?

*Yawn* despite my arrogance, I could still get offended from your insults. *evil laugh*

Maybe I'll twist them into my own and create something beautiful from the wicked. Wicked, twisted, I guess it all suits me. What do you think?

Interesting enough.


*If your in the Illuminati (that which seems to not exist) I wouldn't mind at all joining.*


"Despite my Arrogance"? "Wicked"? Who uses the word "wicked" I mean _really_?

It's uncanny. That's exactly how myself and other Atheists I know talk...

(If I may quote JSR here) : "Let's go sell drugs to children, because there is no God!"

I'm tempted to play along and reply with..

"Why yes, you are right fellow atheist! What was I thinking? I had clearly not defiled enough churches this morning and was not thinking straight. Let us continue to talk about how we are wicked and evil HAHA!"

*shakes head sadly*
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New hobby

Hrmm what is it about me and balls and impossibly difficult balancing skills?

Spent a lot of this weekend getting passable at this solo. Took me about 30 min to get to the point where I could hold the ball for more than 30 seconds. Can now toss and catch... occasionally.

It's actually a lot of fun...

The guy in the blue top clearly does _nothing else_... and I too now have a comically over sized tennis ball.

Now to find someone else with a similarly warped mind to actually play with.

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Well isn't he a handsome devil?

My my.. check out the surly Oscar winning performance by the young man in the Balaklava in this video when he is unmasked!

I'm sure you'll all agree he's going places... Probably the un-employment line. :P

Filmed a _little_ too tight and fast paced for my liking and I suspect the narrative gets a bit confused. But hey.. I gets to be on TV so I can't complain. :P

UPDATE : Original video vanished... super secret ver.

Shhhh friends only!
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I'm not well dressed, I'm a gay time traveler.

You know.. I think I might _really_ have to reign in my love of pocket watches before it results in some serious financial difficulties


Having said that... a workmate suggested I turn this love into profit by starting a steam-punk store here in Perth. I'm starting to see a few of them around and I have long suspected that they are the devilish spawn of goths and SCA enthusiasts. Not quite as edgy as Goths, not quite as sad as the SCA.

Safe as fuck

It's hard to find Steam punk Enthusiasts who have _exactly_ that right level of sophistication without having to wrap some strange imaginary persona around it called "Lord Jacob Witherspoon the third"

I love the fashion and am starting to wear more of it myself. I just wish there was less LARPing wrapped up in the scene.

Having said that. It _is_ a good way to turn broken brass junk into money.

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Daft Boobs

This video brought to you by me and Helen being over tired and the other youtube video "daft hands"

I win at girlfriend.

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"Your application for New Zealand citizenship was recently sent to the Minister of Internal Affairs for his decision.

I regret to advise you that the Minister has declined your application at this time."

Apparently 15 years of living and working in NZ and paying taxes like a good little citizen is not enough for some people.

I can't help being moved to Australia by my work 3 months after I filed my application.

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